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About restaurant


We will not leave any details and particulars without attention.
You will receive the highest level of service at the best price.
Cuisine is an art for us.
Chief cooks are possessors of the highest awards and titles.
RestoCross Catering is your optimal choice.

RestoCross catering is one of the leading catering companies in the territory of Russia and CIS. Our philosophy is a premium off-premise restaurant catering combined with flexible pricing.
Our chief cooks have vast experience and ongoing commitment to excellence of gastronomic art. Awards and achievements of our cuisine chief cooks confirm that.
We will promptly and qualitatively arrange your banquet, buffet reception, coffee break, cocktail, self-service buffet during any events: private or corporate ones, during exhibitions and conferences, presentations and sports tournaments.
The catering restaurant RestoCross represents taste, style, creativity and compromise. Namely these four words reflect the key priorities of our company. We will not leave any details and particulars without attention. By choosing RestoCross catering, you will receive a high level of service and gastronomy at reasonable prices.



Cuisine is an art for us, and any art is creativity.
We pleasantly surprise guests from event to event, striking even heavy gourmands with delicacy of dishes. And, this is primarily, owing to our cooks being real masters of their craft, who cope with the most modern gastronomic trends. The best gratitude for us is to hear from a client: This is incredibly beautiful and tasty!


The cost of each event is individually calculated depending on your wishes and service type (banquet, buffet reception, cocktail, gala-dinner etc.). One of the priorities of RestoCross Catering is a flexibility of the price determination.


We strictly monitor product quality and cooperate only with the approved suppliers and leading farmers of the country.


We strictly monitor product quality and cooperate only with approved suppliers and leading farmers of the country.


We consider that the well-established work in any conditions is a formula for success of your event. We are ready to carry out an order from a stage of menu calculation to arrangement of the event on the site within the term from 2 working days.


We constantly perform castings of waiters/waitresses, trainings for all employees and reward the best ones.


We are able to surprise guests with an exclusive cooking show. An individual gastronomic performance shall be done for each client. In addition, we offer animation stations, barman show, master classes from a chief cook, original decoration of tables, creative serving of dishes and so on.


Only the professionals, who will competently answer all the questions and suggest a decision in difficult situations, are employed by our company.


We regularly conduct promotion actions, participation in which allows receiving a discount to carry out the event and get free additional services.


We will arrange your event on turnkey basis, solve unexpected problems and, if required, involve partners from the best companies in the field of MICE and Event.

Our team

The banquet managers will provide a free consultation on any questions in the field of catering.

As a rule, we elaborate an idea of event ranging from meeting the guests to the final stage together with a client. We suggest unusual ideas of serving the dishes, specification of work to be performed by waiters/waitresses and cooks. We provide a feast of gastronomy in all its aspects. Corporate presentation of the company: